Long Time…

So last time I put anything here, I was a day away from flying off to Virginia. And here it is now June 6th, I’ve been here for over 8 months now. 

I’ve had a few health issues which have came to a head that in Houston for one reason or another I was able to just keep by passing.

Just a couple of weeks ago I finally had some lipoma growths removed.  This is causing a lot of interesting issues like not being able to sleep in my office chair (which helped with sleep apnea) and other issues with sitting. However its hoped that this will all soon be done with. 

Tomorrow a new Chapter starts

I realize I’ve not been very good at making daily posts here as I had originally hoped. Last week or so I’ve been busy making preparations for tomorrow.

At the constant urging of one of my former co-workers I decided to put in an application at InMotion Hosting.

Things went very well, and thanks to help from some dear friends, tomorrow I’m flying off to Virginia! Its been years since I’ve been to the North Eastern part of the country (I guess Virginia is somewhat North Eastern).

I’m hoping once my life gets sorta settled again, to be able to make huge strides in my writing and other creative outlets.

Looking for Beta Readers!

I’m looking for Beta Readers for a re-released novella! A few years ago I released a novella that took place in a Kindle World’s series called The Chronos Files. My novella was called Merlin and the Pendragons.  Since then Kindle has decided to close out Kindle World’s so I’ve been working on making this

its own item. It’s currently looking for beta readers, and soon a new cover will be commissioned for it.


So I tell you I was going to blog daily and then I skip two days… well, some exciting things have happened.

First, it was strongly recommended that I re-release the novella that was originally called Merlin and the Pendragons under a name that wouldn’t violate the books that Rysa Walker had written. Originally this book was part of the Kindle Worlds program, however now that Amazon has killed off that program, I’m going to re-release the story (once all mentions of CHRONOS have been removed).

I’ll announce it when it comes available, but for now be on the lookout for Stories From the Time Traveler Case File #1: The Merlin Blake Story. I’m hoping to release it by the end of the month!

I also had some paid web design work to finish which was taking up a lot more time than I originally expected.

WiP: The Ash Vales

Hi all, wanted to tell you about my latest WIP. Its called The Ash Vales. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail yet about what the story is regarding, however, I’m hoping it’s going to be a 50,000-word novel and that the first draft will be done around Sunday, November 11, 2018.

I just started doing this story on Saturday, so in 3 months I hope to have this finished. If I can follow through and actually finish this story (I’ve gotten quite the library of started ideas) I’d like to think I could get a finished copy out by Christmas, or by my birthday at the very latest the following month.

I’ve not done the writing yet tonight, I’m currently at 2,284 words. I still have a long ways to go. This time I’m using the website http://writetrack.davidsgale.com to help me out.