Tomorrow a new Chapter starts

I realize I’ve not been very good at making daily posts here as I had originally hoped. Last week or so I’ve been busy making preparations for tomorrow.

At the constant urging of one of my former co-workers I decided to put in an application at InMotion Hosting.

Things went very well, and thanks to help from some dear friends, tomorrow I’m flying off to Virginia! Its been years since I’ve been to the North Eastern part of the country (I guess Virginia is somewhat North Eastern).

I’m hoping once my life gets sorta settled again, to be able to make huge strides in my writing and other creative outlets.

My New Blog

Hello, and welcome to my new blog! Previous entries to this blog have been lost.  I’m going to rebuild this blog with things that I’m working on, in various sections of my life.

Currently, 2018 looks like it could end on a very high note for me. I hope it does so.